About me

In my paintings and creations I let the energy and intensity of my personality flow. I use strong yet neutral colours to create a harmonious atmosphere with artistic balance.

I use art to express my inner monologue, with colour and texture representing emotions and their dynamics. I think of it almost as an interactive process in which the emotional state of the viewer is first led by the colours and then guided by the texture and patterns.

I have set out to bring art and creativity into a modern lifestyle, using various materials, textures and shapes. At STP art you will find unique and original works that will give your home, room or space a unique and personal style.

You can also purchase handmade and hand-painted decorative objects made from recycled materials, giving them a second life. The objects return to the essence of design without losing any beauty and functionality.

I am also passionate about painting T-shirts with my own exclusive designs, marking my own style.

When you buy a piece of artwork, a decorative object or a hand-painted garment, you get an inspirational piece made with love that will let your home and your own personal style tell a unique story.

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